IT Project Technical Specification

Having a great idea is not enough, sometimes you need someone technicaly literate to trasfer your idea into isntructions  for the developers and IT contractors. Money spent on spefication is the fastest retuning investment and can give you over 5x more in return value

When people build buildings, create civil or electrical engeneering project they always hire a coirresponding engeneer to independently create a blueproint or a specification to the project.

The workng company sometimes even by the force of law can not be the one that created the projetc and the supervising company either.

Why is that not the case in IT projects when their value or impact on human lives is equal or greater?

Could the abundance of data (not knowledge) on the internet misleads individuals to thing that it is easy and couse majority of IT projects to either fail, have delays or increased budget?

At DreamBig we do not have the answer to these questions but we have a proposal for you or your company.

We offer you IT project specification service by our Qualified Software engeeneurs with international references. Our team will help you streamline your idea or need for IT into complete technical development ready specification.

This specification will save you development time, and ensure efficiency of money spending into development. IT project technical specification is very fast returning investment. It will ensure maximum understanding with the development team, cost and performance effective technology selection and added value for the contractor.

We offer you IT project suppervision service: for fix percentage amount depending on the project complexity and risk we offer you project supervision.

Our expertiese and company knowledge can serve you during procurement of equipment, development projects, service aquisition.

The money paid to us will return to you trought:

  • lower equipent cost
  • lower production cost
  • lower maintenance cost
  • increased added value
  • reusable and upgradable solutions

Like said on the begining of this page IT project specification and supervision is much like buiding a house – the money and planing invested at the begining into IT project specification and supervision yields fast and sustained longterm benefits.

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